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Kakrauli ( ककरौली )

Kakrauli (ककरौली ): is one of the big villages in Muzaffarnagar district, pin code  251316, Uttar Pradesh state in India. Kakrauli is situated at a distance of 32.8 km from the main city Muzaffarnagar and 558 km from the state capital, Lucknow. The famous Shiv statue of Shiv Chowk is located in the heart of the city.

History and revenue records prove Mughal Emperor of Delhi, Shah Jahan, the srvt (sarvat) named a leader Syed Mujfrfr Khan Manor subdivision and in 1633 the city was settled after the name of Syed Mujfrfr Khan and his son, Munawarlashkar Khan.

Muzaffarnagar is located at northern part of Uttar Pradesh. The district of Muzaffarnagar forms a portion of division Saharanpur, and situated in the doab of the ganges and the Jamuna, between the districts of Meerut on the south and Saharanpur on the north. On the west, the Jamuna separates it from Panipat.

Kakralui is partitions in four religions:
1. Hindu
2. Muslim
3. Jain
4. Sikh

Kakrouli village is located between the Jansath to Morna circle. Other villages in Kakrauli are Behra Badat, Tandhera, Khikhera, Jauli, Tevra, Jadwad Katia, Gangdaspur, Jatwara, Chorawala, etc . Mostly also called named Kakrauli Behra. 

Kakrauli village is situated at a distance from Behra Sadat(2 km.), Tandhera (2 km.), Jatwada (5 km.), Jauli (5.4 km.), Kakrala (10-11 km.), Jansath (10-11 km.), Bhokarhedi (14-15 km.), Shukrtal (15-16 km.), Bhopa (15-17 km.) other nearest big towns are Meerapur (8-9 km.)

About Shukrtal Ganga - First the Bhagavata Peeth Shukdev Ashrama. This is built around the 5100 year old Akshay Vriksha tree which sits on top of the hill where 80,000 sages of all ranks gathered hear Shukdev Goswami speak the Bhagavatam to Maharaja Pariksit 5000 years ago. It was under the branches of this tree where Shukdev Goswami and King Pariksit sat. The uniqueness of this tree as its name suggests is that it does not shed leaves. The tree is quite large, towering up to 150 feet, with branches spreading in all directions, even coming out of the sides of the hill just below the tree. One branch has a nub coming out of it is in the shape similar to Lord Ganesh. The ashrama includes a number of shrines and deities within its complex, including one close to the tree that has the images of Shukdev Goswami sitting and speaking to King Pariksit.

Nearest big towns and two districts:
1. Jansath - is sub divisional area. It’s tehsil of this village (10-11 km.) 
2. Shukratal Ganga- is hindu religious places (15-16 km.) 
3. Ganga Bairaj (10-13 km.) which located between Bijnor & Muzaffarnagar city.
4. Bhokarhedi - is big town (12-13 km.)
5. Meerapur - is big town (9-10 km.)
6. Bijnor - is near district (32-34 km.)
7. Meerut - is big district (65-68 km.)
8. Haridwar - is an ancient city and important Hindu pilgrimage site in North India's Uttarakhand state is big district (95-97 km.)


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